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The Beginning and the Journey of Veggies

Day 2/365. How is the New Year for everyone? 

I have no complaints thus far. I had an awesome New Year’s Day. The weather was gorgeous (slightly too warm even), G was home, T was a barrel of laughs and I stuck to my resolutions thus far. 

Obviously it has only been one day, so I won’t be patting myself on the back just yet. But it feels good to accomplish something. Look how pretty my breakfast looks (jk it looks kinda weird, but it was delicious… pumpkin breakfast quinoa!!)

I’m about to start my day and my game plan for it. Yesterday, I had made myself a smoothie after my run (both of which I haven’t done lately), and T was all about it. He kept asking for sips and to mix it. He is precious. So I have spent some of the morning before really starting the day researching recipes for Toddler Green Smoothies. I will be posting what he really enjoys. 

I feel like unless you have been on top of a child’s diet, this is the age they get picky. Before, it want uncommon for T to pick a veggie over something sweet, or to want fruit. Lately it’s been a lot of requests for yogurt and applesauce. He had gotten sick in November and these were the only things we could get him to eat. The plan is to try more smoothies for added veggies and nutrients! Wish me luck. 

Any ways you help your kiddos enjoy healthy foods more? Give me some tips! Have a recipe that is always loved? Post it below! 

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