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Zany zoo trip

Took a lovely trip to the local zoo with a few other moms and their tiny tots. It was a really nice time minus the humidity. Stupid Florida. I swear, a few days after Christmas is not for sweating!! 

T likes the zoo but really likes his freedom while there. There is lots of chasing and not watching where he is walking, but he has fun. 

However, after little sleep for this momma, it was HARD to keep up. Man, it was real life. I came home and was ready to nap just like T. Except he didn’t get the memo about needing a long nap and slept for an hour 😦 

But he loved the zoo! He tried to name the animals. His biggest interests besides running through bushes are the monkeys and the penguins. 

Do you or your kiddos like the zoo? What is your favorite animal?? 

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