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Final Countdown

Here we are approaching the last few hours of 2016. It’s been a heck of a ride. 

I feel like each year, everyone focuses on the negative that has happened. Granted, while 2016 has thrown some curve balls, I feel like we should be focused on the good instead of the bad. 

So as the seconds tick by, my goal is to focus on what good things happened this past year and what exciting things the next year should hold. 

Some of my favorites include: 

  • T turning one
  • T walking
  • T talking more and more, especially saying “I love you” 
  • A trip away just with Hubby. 
  • Going home to see family and friends. 
  • Redoing our bathroom. 
  • Completely 2 5ks. 
  • I turned 30. 
  • Finding out our best friends in Ohio will be having a baby.
  • Friends down here having babies. 
  • G had a great year with his job. 
  • T starting school. 
  • Making a few new friends. 
  • An amazing trip to Disney with T and our family. 
  • An awesome Christmas starting new traditions. 

What are your favorites this year? Feel free to comment them below! 

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